Aloha Laundry is located at:

20051 Ventura Blvd

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

"I came here to wash 2 large items. I was having trouble getting some deep set stains out and Matt was a huge help! I asked him for help more than a few times and he was kind and incredibly helpful every time. Very clean, tons of washers/dryers. I will definitely be coming back"    

                          Katherine K.  3/5/16

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"Cheap, clean, quiet.. the coin machine wasnt working but the owner came by and fixed it while I was here. Best place in the valley to do laundry!"

           Ben K.  12/6/15

"Amazingly Clean Laundromat.. the fluff and fold service they just started is good too.. comes back smelling fresh and clean and folded to a reasonable price.  recent maintenance of the machines have made the dryers hotter and the machines more efficient in that they clean better.  Owners Matt and Stephanie really good to their patrons friendly and willing to make the experience a good one. neighboring restaurants and coffee houses available so you can leave and come back. Its busy but never overcrowded.  Best place to do laundry at reasonable prices."

                                   Carol P.              2/12/16

Best Laundromat in Woodland Hills!

Some of our happy customers

(844) 77-ALOHA



6 AM - 10 PM


We are your friendly one-stop shop for all of your laundry needs.  We have a full self-service laundromat with an array of different size coin-operated washer and dryers, change machines, detergents and laundry bags for sale.  We also have a fluff and fold drop off laundry service.  That's right, you drop off your laundry and we do the rest!  We also provide services for small businesses like salons, spas, massage therapist, surgi-center scrubs.  Contact us to take care of your laundry needs! 


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