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Tips and Tricks for Washing Clothes and Doing Laundry

1. Sort your laundry before going to the laundromat

Sort into different piles of whites, medium colored, and dark colored clothes. Some people like to sort & wash towels and sheets separately also.

2. Stain treat Before you go

While sorting your laundry into different piles, grab a spot treater like Spray N' Wash and spray the collar and pits of shirts and other areas that have stains.

3. Check Pockets for items

To prevent ruining a whole load of laundry or certain items, check your pockets while sorting your laundry. It's also not a bad idea to fasten Velcro on clothing, unbunch socks and unroll cuffs. For bras, fasten the hooks (better yet put into mesh bag with your socks!) #1 item lost in a laundromat are socks. They can even slip behind the drum of the washer.

4. Pack up your prepped loads

Throw each pile separately into their own bag. You can use a garbage bag, pillow case, or buy some of our special Aloha Laundry bags with shoulder straps! You will be surprised how quickly you can get in and out when you have everything ready.

5. Check the machine before loading

If you have a big load, use one of our high-capacity front loaders. You will save money because they are water extractors also. Look inside to make sure there was nothing left in the machine like a brand new red sock! If you smell a heavy bleach smell...BE AWARE! Some people use so much bleach that residual could be left that will damage your whole load.

6. Careful not to overload

Do not over-pack the machines, your clothes will not get clean! There will not be enough room for water to get through the clothes or detergent to rinse out all the way. Rule of thumb for the front loaders is to make sure you have a hand width from the top of the clothes to the drum.